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How to Optimize

Are you ready for a total health optimization?

Or to check if you qualify for Testosterone Treatment? 

The process is simple!

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How to Start Optimization

Reach us either by phone or signing up here

Short phone or video call to review symptoms and concerns. Lab work will be requested unless appropriate lab work has been done recently.

Lab work

  • Lab requisition forms will be emailed to you and you can obtain your blood works at your convenience from any LabCorp center.
  • We do require lab work to be done before the initial evaluation with our experienced medical team. We do this so we can go over our comprehensive laboratory evaluation with you during your initial evaluation. This allows us to start treatment immediately, rather than waiting weeks like other medical offices.
  • The initial laboratory fee is only $175 or you can use your insurance to cover the cost!


Either virtually or in-person

Optimization plan

You and the provider would decide what treatment plan best suits your lifestyle, budget, and preference.


Two ways to get your medications- in the clinic or delivered to you.

Follow up and monitoring

To ensure the effectiveness and safety of the optimization plan, follow up is needed, usually after 2-3 months after treatment initiation, then at least 6 months or annually thereafter. Don’t worry, we aim to make everything convenient as possible, most of follow-ups are done virtually/phone.

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