Testosterone Deficiency (TD)

TD or low testosterone can generate a myriad of symptoms that many would just link to "natural aging," however, testosterone's gradual diminishing levels are actually to blame. TD is also known as "male climacteric" or andropause or hypogonadism and concerns an estimated 5 million men in the US. Furthermore, an estimated 25% of men over 30s have below average testosterone levels. There is nothing ordinary about a 50-year-old male having the testosterone level of an 80-year-old; however, due to the ongoing misconception and stigma surrounding testosterone hormone itself, contemporary medicine regards it as someone having "within the normal range." Consequently, nothing is being done because it is thought that these symptoms are something expected, and men just need to "suck it up!". The current aging male population is left with limited means of bettering their total wellness. Yet, in reality, this "low quality of life" syndrome can be easily improved through a properly monitored testosterone optimization therapy. 

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