Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Get the Facts About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many men suffer from having low testosterone levels, and this can actually cause a wide range of symptoms that will make life more difficult. In fact, it’s estimated that up to five million men in the United States have low testosterone or other testosterone-related issues. Approximately one-quarter of men in their 30s or older have lower than average levels, and that’s why testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help. Thanks to the stigma surrounding issues with testosterone, many men simply don’t seek the help they need. However, testosterone replacement therapy can help you restore your body’s natural levels, so you can get back to being an active, healthy male. With the right TRT, you can regain your energy and vitality and start to feel healthy and normal once again.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have low testosterone levels, there are a few symptoms to be aware of. Diminished libido and erectile dysfunction are common, but so are other psychological symptoms as well. If you notice that you have lower energy, experience frequent fatigue, or you suddenly feel depressed and unmotivated, it’s likely that you could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. In addition to the sexual and mental symptoms, there are physical symptoms, too. Some men may experience lower bone mineral density, lower muscle mass, and decreased muscle strength, anemia, and insulin resistance. Thankfully, TRT can remedy virtually all of these symptoms if low levels are the root cause of the problem.

If you’re interested in getting testosterone replacement therapy, your treatment will be personalized based on your unique symptoms and your specific testosterone and estrogen levels. You will attend an initial visit to discuss your options with follow-up visits to help you get the testosterone optimization you need. Some treatments include medications along with counseling regarding nutrition and exercise. You may also be a candidate for injections to control estrogen levels if it applies to you.